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Featuring SPEEDLINER® 1000  - Shown to be the toughest spray-on Truck Bedliner in the liner - Check out the Comparisons

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Independent laboratory tests prove SPEEDLINER® 1000 outperforms all other bedliner systems in two critical areas. Strength and UV Protection.

MAXIMUM STRENGTH and UV resistance means maximum protection for your vehicle -

SPEEDLINER® 1000 is the tough, worry-free protection you're looking for!

SPEEDLINER® 1000 holds up better against rips and tears that may be caused by sharp-edged cargo

SPEEDLINER® 1000 better resists the effects of most common chemicals – including fuels, fertilizers, chlorine bleach and corrosive materials

SPEEDLINER® 1000 colors are formulated to last !

SPEEDLINER® 1000 is formulated to resist chalking and fading out after just a few months.

SPEEDLINER® 1000's advanced chemistry provides maximum protection from UV Rays.

SPEEDLINER® 1000 is the  ....

Only spray bedliner to have tested at over 4,800 pounds/square inch in tensile

1st bedliner system to enhance strength by use Kevlar® brand fiber by DuPont™

1st to develop a primer adhesive to prevent the bed liner from peeling away

1st spray bedliner system tinted with automotive paint

First bedliner product to ever introduce performance enhancers such as rubber crumb, silica sand, aluminum oxide and Kevlar® brand fiber by DuPont™


Surface preparation is critical before applying any coatings. For the best surface prep available contact Fred’s Media Blasting. Fred’s uses all eco-friendly media such as special preparations of soda, corn cob and walnut shells. When a more abrasive media is require re-cycled consumer glass is available.