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Media Blasting - While sandblasting may be the term most often used for removing paint, rust, dirt from surfaces, there are more modern  and environmentally friendly media available in today’s market. Read on below:

Fred’s Media Blasting utilizes all of the current, greener media’s for cleaning, restoring, and coating removal. There is a complete lineup of media blasting materials that are now used that are environmentally friendly and are less or completely non-abrasive.

The newer media blasting materials consist of Soda Blasting (sodium bicarbonate),  Corn Cob Blasting, Walnut Shell Blasting and Abrasive Glass Blasting (post consume re-cycled glass).

For a more detail description of each media select from the PFD’s below:

Soda Blasting - PDF

Abrasive Blasting - PDF

Corn Cob Blasting - PDF

Walnut Shell Blasting - PDF

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Powder Coating - Powder is the great compliment to our Media Blasting - Whether you do restoration for a living or a serious hobbyist you can entrust your Powder Coating finishing needs to us.

Our Media Blasting and Powder Coating is a one stop facility for the restoration of outdoor patio furniture, gates, railings, marine items, automotive parts, motorcycles and motorcycle parts. We are conveniently located in Central Texas just north of Temple.