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Media Blasting


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Applications for Fred’s Media Blasting

Here are just a few of the many applications for Media Blasting - This is by no means a complete list -





Fire Restoration


Stone and Marble



Rust / Oxidation

Hazardous Coatings


If you have a need, give us a call and we will find the right solution -

Below is a detailed look at a few  applications - Click on picture  for a detailed view

Architecture Restoration -

Products provide safe and cost effective solutions to multiple coatings removal problems. These products are waterborne, worker friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable, yet they are capable of removing the toughest coating systems easily, effectively and without damage to the substrate or the environment.

Architecture Restore App.pdf Auto Restore App.pdf Wood Restore App.pdf

Auto Restoration -

Media Blasting is the best way to start a restoration project. How can you give an accurate estimate of a restoration until all of the paint is gone? Rust can be lurking under good looking paint. It may come back to destroy your new paint job.

Wood Restoration -

Media Blasting works for all types of wood such as Wood Siding, Log, Timber Frame, Board Decks, Docks, and more... Failure of a stain or coating can be caused by several reasons which almost always are a result of poor surface prep. Proper Media Blasting helps prevent this.